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links statistics

Rick Durrett's homepage, with lots of probability on graphs
Workshop Causality 6 to 8 August 2009, Amstermdam (KNAW)
history of statistics
graphical models according to kevin murphy
approximate inference in graphical models by maichael jordan
exact inference and foundations of graphical models at steffen lauritzen
causality in graphical models by peter spirtes
some notes on statistics


homepage of Sven Krumke on computer science and a book on integer programming
story of mathematics
pythagoras magazine [Dutch only]
history of mathematics
graph theory by reinhard diestel
some measure theory [pdf], relatively advanced


lots on fmri at oxford, at the fmrib center, including fsl
fmri according to keith worsley
brain voyager in maastricht


a great free programming language with many contributed packages
a package to fit ancestral graphs ag


denny borsboom
han van der maas
ingrid christoffels
raoul grasman